The Power of Love

One of my favourite songs is Frankie Goes to Hollywood ‘The Power of Love’. I experienced how powerful love really is on my wedding day very recently.

I spent the early morning in tears because I was missing my dad. I didn’t even get to know him as he passed away when I was 2, it’s a strange feeling to miss someone you don’t know, but you feel their presence in your life. One of the traditions as we all know is the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle. As I was meditating and talking to my dad I felt such a huge feeling of love, not just from my dad, it also came from other family members and dear friends who are no longer with me. It was incredible, and very emotional.

I am sharing part of my wedding speech that I wrote on behalf of my dad. I am sharing this in the hope that anyone else who is grieving, or suffering from a broken heart will find comfort from my words.

“Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It can break hearts… most importantly, it can also heal them and gives us great strength and courage. Love can even be felt and seen beyond the physical realm. We have all lost those we care about, over the years they send us little signs to let us know they’re still with us – whether it’s in the form of white feathers, dragonflies, pennies, or my particular signs – butterflies and robins. Keep your eyes open as love is all around us. Don’t ever be afraid to open up your heart, even if it’s been broken multiple times. Give love a chance and show it whenever and wherever you can. Be kind to one another and we can heal the world.”

In the week leading up to my wedding, I’ve had a beautiful black butterfly outside my window each day. I work from home and when I look up it was fluttering outside my window and would rest on the wall where I could see it.

On my wedding day, just before I made my entrance to the ceremony, my friends told me a big beautiful black butterfly had flown into the barn and was flying around. I was too nervous to notice, everyone was looking at me and all I could do was look ahead as I was worried I would trip up as I was wearing heels and a dress instead of my usual Air Jordan 1s and combat trousers!

The barn where we got married

As the ceremony finished, and we had just finished signing our wedding certificate I looked up at everyone. The butterfly came towards us, making a path towards me and it flew past me back outside. My Baba, grandma and family were with us that day. I felt their spirits and energy so strongly.

We also had a rainbow later on that afternoon.

A few days later on our mini moon we have been visited by a little robin in the mornings. The robin sits in a bush and looks at us as we finish our breakfast.

Whatever you are going through I pray that the days ahead of you are kind, that you find peace, and you have the support of friends and family to help guide you. If this isn’t possible, please know that you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help. There are people who you don’t know who will offer support in times of darkness.

Love is here and love will heal us all.

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