Grief – It’s so hard to say goodbye

Grief is the purest sign of love.

It’s a culmination of the memories, moments & time we spent with those we cherished.

We never have enough time with those we love.

If only we could have had one more day, one more week, one more month and even better, one more year to let them know in person how much we loved and appreciated them, to hug them tight and not let go.

No matter how many losses we experience over the years, each new passing will still catch us.

Time stands still for a moment, excruciatingly so.

We wish we could rewind the clock and relive those moments again, to see our loved ones again, no matter how briefly.

The firsts are the hardest – birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, Mothers / Fathers Day, Christmases… so many dates etched in our minds of time spent together.

Over the years, our wounds from grief become a little smaller and become scars that are held together with a lifelong plaster.

Sometimes the plaster comes off quickly, other times it stays, to be pulled off again, sometimes when we least expect it.

We endure and we survive.

If you are blessed to have loved,

Don’t be afraid to grieve.

May you find peace and strength over the years,

Keep your eyes open for the signs from our loved ones checking in to let us know they are near. We may see pennies, birds, butterflies, hear favourite songs… they are all around us.

Until we meet again.

Published by Ninja Kitteh

Hip Hop Lover. Original Junglist. Beats & Bass fan.

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