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Dahlia in the early morning sun

Life has been so hectic lately. I’ve been trying to organise so many things, help loved ones & juggle work priorities whilst navigating my own health issues. It was time for a hard stop and a reset, and what better way to do it than attend a yoga and meditation retreat with my amazing Yin yoga teacher Jenny.

How often do we block out time for self care, to allow ourselves to recalibrate, to heal and to focus on what we need and want on a spiritual and physical level? We need to make time before it’s too late. One of my work colleagues reminded me recently that “health is our wealth” and I can’t keep running at one hundred miles an hour, I need to slow down. I need to listen to the many signs my body is telling me, people compliment me on my strong mind, however a strong mind needs to work in harmony with our body.

My best friend and I attended the second half of Jenny’s yoga retreat which was focused on Yin. The session started off with setting our intention for what we wanted to get out of the retreat. I said I wanted to find peace and self forgiveness, I can’t always be there for everyone even though I may try. It’s too much for me to manage, I am resetting my boundaries and forgiving myself for the guilt at having to let some people down by gently saying no, I cannot be available for them. I can’t help anyone if I don’t also help myself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

The first half of the day had been raining heavily and by the time our Yin retreat started the sky had cleared and we had sunshine which was a welcome sight from the studio which overlooks a park. I took this as a sign and a reminder to always look out for the sunshine after the rain.

We spent some time on fascia release and a facial massage which really helped to relieve tension. I had some really sore spots which I wasn’t aware of and will definitely pay attention to them going forward. Our bodies store so much, it’s really important we look after ourselves.

One of my favourite parts of Jenny’s Yin classes is the guided meditation. She asked us to repeat an affirmation “I am” and to find one word to finish the sentence. I also love the music she plays. Everyone who knows me is aware of my music obsession! It inspires me, motivates me, makes me happy and also makes me sad. Most importantly, music also heals me, and when it’s combined with Jenny’s affirmations during her class it’s deeply powerful. I felt the energy of my dad and my grandmas in the studio with me, they were letting me know they are always there with me even though their physical bodies departed many years ago. I cried, and also felt their love surrounding me and the beautiful peaceful and positive energy of everyone else in the studio. This is the magical power of love, don’t ever underestimate it.

That afternoon we had a cacao ceremony which was also very special. This doesn’t mean we were sitting around chatting whilst eating bars of Dairy Milk! A cacao ceremony begins from the way it’s grown, harvested, prepared and consumed. It has medicinal purposes and when sipped slowly with our intention, it also feels very powerful and gentle at the same time.

Our afternoon finished off with Yin yoga, by this point I felt as if I had been reborn, I was so chilled. The tears appeared again, they were tears of joy that I was able to experience such an incredible afternoon with one of my best friends and with Jenny and like minded people who are all on their own journeys of discovery, to learn more about who we are and to be the best version of ourselves. To be kind, compassionate and empathetic in what can often be a cruel world, we need to balance that with love and understanding. We must always fight the good fight.

Thank you Jenny for an amazing afternoon, for guiding us and being so encouraging. You are a special soul, an earth angel.

I will finish off my blog by letting you know what my affirmation was;

I Am Me

R LeBall 6/11/2022


If you would like to find out more about Jenny’s Yin classes you can find her on Instagram – Movement with Jenny

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